J.J. Watt declares free agency to be “wild”

On Friday, J.J. Watt became a free agent. Five days later, he has made an observation on Twitter: “free agency is wild.”

He didn’t elaborate. So it’s anyone’s guess as to what’s “wild” about it.

Is it wild because teams are throwing offers at him? Is it wild because he’s not getting the offers he expected to get?

Or is it wild because it runs around outside, eating whatever it can find and peeing and pooping wherever it chooses?

Our guess is that Watt hasn’t experienced the crush of offers he expected, because most teams are likely reluctant to make significant commitments for 2021 without knowing what the salary cap will be. With a widespread belief that it will drop, teams won’t be able to finalize cash and/or cap budgets until they know what the limits of the cap allowance will be.

Thus, that 33-day head start may end up being not much of a head start, if teams aren’t willing to talk serious turkey until they know where the cap will be.