Kevin Colbert on J.J. Watt: Whether or not we can add anybody is speculation

Since the Texans released J.J. Watt, the prevailing assumption has been that he’ll sign with the Steelers to play with his brothers, T.J. and Derek.

That may have even been a reason why word leaked on Tuesday that J.J. Watt is “seriously considering” signing with the Browns. Pittsburgh being a division rival means not only would the club miss out on assembling the Watt trifecta, but the Steelers would also have to see Watt twice a year.

Because Watt was released and didn’t have his contract expire, teams are free to discuss him publicly without risk of tampering. On Wednesday, Steelers General Manager Kevin Colbert was asked if it’s realistic to think the club could sign Watt given the salary cap restraints in 2021. Colbert declined to discuss specific players, but his answer didn’t seem entirely optimistic on free agency as a whole.

“T.J. is our guy, Derek is with us. Whether or not we can ever add anybody, I’d hate to talk about it because it’s just speculation at this point,” Colbert said, via Brooke Pryor of ESPN.

Watt is likely far from Pittsburgh’s top priority on Feb. 17. The club has to figure out a solution for quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and his $41.25 million cap hit before moving on to the rest of its business.