Andre Johnson: I’ve been around Texans a long time, certain things aren’t right

When word of a possible Deshaun Watson trade started to percolate last month, former Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson tweeted that Watson should stand his ground because the Texans are “known for wasting” careers and added that “nothing good has happened” since executive vice president of football operations Jack Easterby joined the organization.

Johnson shared more of his thoughts about the Texans during a recent appearance on a podcast with former NFL wideout Harry Douglas. Johnson said he thought it was “B.S.” for the Texans to tell Watson he’d be involved in the search for a new head coach and General Manager before not involving him.

“I’ve been around the organization for a long time,” Johnson said. “I worked there last season. It’s just certain things you see. Being able to be on that side of it, it’s just certain things that you see that you know are not right.”

Johnson played most of his career with the Texans, but said he doesn’t want Watson to go through the same things he went through and that a big regret about his career is that he wasn’t “a little more selfish” about getting what he wanted. As of now, the Texans have said they aren’t looking to trade Watson. That could change if Watson makes it clear that he’ll do what Johnson wouldn’t during his career.